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A fundraising bike ride and campaign to raise awareness and money for cancer research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

“Amy Anderson brings fresh, sound, creative ideas to discussions. She’s quick to assess situations, generate various approaches to problem solving and then swiftly take action by either collecting more information or devising a strategic game plan. From the moment you meet Amy, you feel her sense of purpose blended with true interest in connecting with people and the communities in which we live.”  – Amy Lavin, Executive Director, Obliteride

Retail and Products


A purveyor of exquisite gifts, home furnishings, decorative accessories and fine stationery.

“I appreciate Amy for her energy, enthusiasm, helping me stay “on track”, her broader insight into marketing to my audience, her experience, and also, she makes it fun. I enjoy my time working with her.” – Ruthann Goularte, Owner, Drees

Red Door Interiors

A home interiors and gift retailer offering classic decor for modern living.

RD Shady

A patent-pending interchangeable design system.

“Amy is current, innovative, knowledgeable, professional and creative.” – Lara Anderson, Founder, Red Door Interiors and RD Shady

Wellness and Beauty


An all-natural skin-care company.

“Amy has an understanding of what is most important to the audience at hand. She has helped us sort through how we prioritize information and help us put our best foot forward out of the gate, when first impressions matter most.” – Kim Walls, CEO, Episencial and Epicuren Baby